Mobile solutions

FGL has embraced the rapid change in technology through the availability of services in the cloud, new mobile devices, and ‘apps’ which give a more personal computing experience offer tools which allows our clients to deliver information and enable collaboration on any device, anywhere, any time. 

All of our solutions are natively delivered online via web pages through standard web browsers and do not need thin client installations.  The web pages are responsive and accessible on smartphones and tablets.

The back end users, whether working from home or elsewhere, will use the exact same system and web pages as they would if working in the office.  They can chat with other users through instant messaging tools and receive team updates.   

Collaboration will be enabled using any device, at any time, anywhere. There will be circumstances where it is inappropriate to allow such transparency and flexibility, for example with regard to sensitive personal information. In these cases we will make sure that guidance and tools are available so that system users are able to keep information secure.